Police in Hyderabad, India, reported on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, that a woman allegedly killed her 19-year-old daughter, Mote Bhargavi, after discovering her with her boyfriend at their home in Ibrahimpatnam, Dandumailaram village. The incident occurred on Monday.

Identified as Mote Jangamma, the mother purportedly physically assaulted her daughter before strangling her with a saree. Initially attempting to portray the death as a suicide, the presence of injuries on the girl’s throat indicated otherwise. Bhargavi, a student at a private college in Dilsukhnagar, was the victim.

Rachakonda police confirmed the registration of a murder case, with Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Sunitha Reddy stating that investigations are ongoing to determine the motive behind the killing. Monday morning saw Bhargavi’s father leaving for work, leaving Jangamma and her 17-year-old son tending to their field in the village, while Bhargavi remained home alone.

Around 1pm, Jangamma returned home and found Bhargavi was talking to her boyfriend and became furious and started abusing her, police said.  

Seeing her, the boy ran away and informed her brother. Her brother rushed home, but found the doors closed from the inside. 
He peeped through the window and found that his mother was reportedly attempting to strangle Bhargavi with a scarf. 

Then, he knocked hard on the door and Jangamma opened the door and came out crying saying that Bhargavi fell with a saree tied around her neck.
The boy immediately informed his relatives, who rushed to the spot with a local doctor, who declared her dead.
On a complaint from the boy late on Monday, Ibrahimpatnam police registered a murder case and started an investigation. 

Police said that Jangamma had been forcing Bhargavi to marry their close relative, but she refused the proposal and said that she would marry the boy with whom she was in a relationship, as he also belongs to their caste.

They have been fighting over this issue for quite some time, but on Monday when she saw Bhargavi with the boy, she became furious, picked up a fight and killed Bhargavi, police said. 

They detained Jangamma and were questioning her. 
Meanwhile, Ailaiah alleged that Bhargavi was found in an unconscious state when Jangamma came home on Monday and, after seeing her in that state, Jangamma also collapsed and became unconscious. 

“Seeing my wife at home, the boy ran away and my daughter was found unconscious. He might have done something to my daughter,” he alleged.
He also denied opposing Bhargavi’s relationship with her boyfriend. 
“Why will a mother kill her own daughter? We would have performed their marriage,” he told the media on Tuesday.