A shocking video has captured the moment a woman planted a ‘deodorant bomb’ outside her ex-boyfriend’s front door, causing a huge fireball explosion.

Lauren Marie Talbot caused the explosion outside her ex-partner’s home at around 8pm on June 18, 2023. CCTV footage from inside the flat building showed the 39-year-old, with her hood up, planting the gas canister outside the front door after failing to put it through the letterbox.

The blast blew two doors open, cracking the walls causing structural damage, and burning the carpet.

When fire crews arrived to put it out, they found writing on the wall which read “This flat can burn in hell”, according to Northants Police.

During the time of the explosion, her ex-partner was not in, though evidence suggested she thought he would be, and no one was injured.

Talbot was arrested in connection with the fire and subsequently charged with arson with intent to endanger life, pleading guilty to both offences in September last year at Northampton Crown Court. She was sentenced to six years in prison at the same court on January 16.

Detective Constable Roisin Harrison said: “Lauren Talbot’s offending was exceptionally dangerous. She could have killed someone as a result of both offences and it’s through sheer luck that no one was injured. As you can see in the footage, the carnage she created when she set that can of butane on fire is extensive.

“It could very easily have ended with a large fire throughout the block of flats, causing untold damage, and I hope this is something she reflects on during her time in prison. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the man in this case who has supported our investigation from the beginning.

“Luckily he was not in his flat that day, but the incident has understandably had a very real effect on him. I hope this result provides him with some semblance of closure. I am pleased to see Talbot handed this sentence and I hope it shows how seriously Northamptonshire Police take these kinds of incidents.”

Detective Sergeant Pete Ticehurst added: “I’d like to commend both DC Roisin Harrison and DC Angela McKay for their investigations into Lauren Talbot. Their diligence and hard work led to her guilty pleas and a fantastic sentence of six years in prison.”