The survival of a relationship usually requires open communication, intimacy, and empathy. When any of these characteristics are missing or start to fade, the romantic bond between two people may weaken.

Some of these mistakes that destroy one’s marriage comes before the marriage itself.

There are mistakes that are made without realizing or paying attention to which can cost the marriage.

Here are some reasons why some marriages fail in our society.

Too much complain: When partners but their energy just to find fault in themselves every time then it is a sign that the marriage about to fall off the cliff. When there is too much complain then there will constant argument between both partners. When there constant complain by one partner the feeling starts to diminish and this really affect the relationship/ marriage.

Dwelling on past mistakes: We are all bound to make a poor decision here or there. With the other challenges marriages face, not being able to move forward shouldn’t be one of them. Some say they will forgive but won’t forget. But there are actually some things we should forget. Like how holding on to unforgiveness makes us feel, the affect it has on our being, emotions and actions and how unhealthy it is. It will not move us forward. There needs to be acceptance of the facts, it happened now what are we going to do about it. A realization that this situation is not the end of the world and a strong intention to push the marriage over this hurdle.  Remember there is an amazing amount of healing that takes place in forgiveness.

Lack of commitment: It can be frustrating when there is a discrepancy in the level of commitment from each partner. A good marriage requires that couples be mutually committed, or committed to the marriage to the same degree. When one person is willing to make the commitment but the other is not, both parties ultimately suffer. This is called an Asymmetrically Committed Relationship, and while nobody wants to be in one, it is, unfortunately, easy to land in one. When couples lack commitment, marriages tend to suffer. Even when one person in a relationship lacks commitment, it can lead to a downfall. One or both parties drift away and take each other for granted.

Fixing this issue takes two steps. The first one is realizing you’re doing it if you don’t already. The second is how to stop and what issues are worth letting go… and what aren’t.

Are You Slamming Your Partner Too Much?

Do you actually tell close people and about your partners flaws or wrong doing? Do you nag at your partner so if this really happens you really no focusing on how to improve your marriage but killing it gradually.

How to Stop

First, you should know why you get obsessed over these small issues or why you keep nagging at your partner so much, are you really happy with it? If you aren’t happy with it, you should get yourself back to happiness, and that may means seeing a counselor. Perhaps you need to devote some time alone with your man. Maybe it’s time to even spice things up a bit. Or why not try a new hobby or activity with your partner?

Well good people all get in marriage ruts time to time. The trick is to break out of it when it’s happening. Don’t resist. Be open to change.

If you start to contribute to your partners life positively, quit complaining and checking your partner’s flaw, Every time you have something good to say, you’re investing in your partner life positively and every time you have something bad to say, you’re withdrawing. What marriage require is by saying to you partner that “Even if you drive me crazy, I love you too much to be without you.