Unseen violence in a relationship refers to forms of abuse that are not physical or overtly violent, but still cause emotional harm and control. Some examples include:

Emotional abuse: Name-calling, gaslighting, manipulation, and constant criticism.

Financial abuse: Controlling access to money, debt, or financial resources.

Psychological abuse: Threats, intimidation, and mind games.

Verbal abuse: Constant belittling, blaming, and shaming.

Digital abuse: Using technology to monitor, control, or harass.

Spiritual abuse: Using religion or spirituality to manipulate or control.

Cultural abuse: Using cultural norms or traditions to justify abuse.

Sexual coercion: Pressuring or manipulating someone into sexual activities.

Reproductive coercion: Controlling someone’s reproductive choices or autonomy.

Social isolation: Cutting off connections with friends, family, and support networks.

Remember, abuse is not always visible, and unseen violence can be just as damaging as physical violence.