Professor Cyril Ndifon, who was charged with sexually harassing students at the University of Calabar in Cross River State, has responded to the charge.

Remember how some students who participated in the protest could be seen holding signs that read, “Professor Ndifon, let the girls with big breasts breathe,” and “We are tired of sucking big d***” in footage that were posted online? “Stop suffocating us,” and “Enough with the manipulated law school list.”

In response, Professor Ndifon said that the students were making up the allegations in order to harm his reputation. He further asserted that his fellow professors, who wanted him ousted as the dean of the law faculty, planned the demonstration.said Ndifin;

It hasn’t been simple since I emerged victorious in a hotly contested election to become the faculty dean. I had avoided a number of mines.

These unfounded accusations were planned by a critic of mine who had sworn to damage my reputation because I had twice won the faculty elections.

“The signs have one person’s handwriting, as you can see if you look at them. Again, if it is not the work of an insider, how do the demonstrators know that we were having a meeting with the Vice Chancellor?

“We were scheduled to meet with the vice chancellor to resolve significant concerns that the faculty was facing. However, during the meeting, we learned that some students were outside with signs calling for my removal from office.

According to what I’ve been told, LAWSAN President Benedict Otu persuaded some students to attend a meeting with the Vice Chancellor at her office, only to hand out posters that included inaccurate information about the Dean and instruct his colleagues to scream insults to my character.

It won’t work, I said. My coworkers who are determined to ruin me by damaging my reputation. Where are the victims of sexual harassment, is the query.

“Can someone sexually harass girls without the women coming out to report the incident???