Court remands two female students accused of killing and robbing a Kwara hotelier following a sexual romp.

Two female students who are accused of killing well-known hotelier Adeniyi Ojo are being held at the Federal Correctional Service facility in Ilorin, the state capital, by a Kwara State Chief Magistrate Court.

On September 29, 2023, Ojo—the managing director of the Water View Hotel and the son of renowned state official Chief Emmanuel Ojo—was discovered dead under strange circumstances.

On October 6, in Mowe Ibafo, Ogun State, the suspects, Joy Adanma Joseph, 22, and her friend, Favor David Oreoluwa, 23, were taken into custody.

The two were docked for culpable homicide and armed robbery before Magistrate Monisola Kamson.

The socialite received a visit from the suspects, who then entered the hotel room together, according to the Police First Information Report.

Without telling the MD, the women hurried out of the building while feigning to desire bullet beverages from the hotel’s garden across the street.

The hotel receptionist, Abdulsalam Tawakalitu who was suspicious of them, went to check the MD in the room and discovered the door was locked up on the MD.

“After several unanswered knocks, the door was forcefully opened and the lifeless body of the manager was found on the bed with his hands, legs tied and his mouth gagged with a rag”, the Police report said.

“The two suspects reportedly went with the deceased mobile phone, removed the SIM card, inserted it in theirs and started making several attempts to transfer money from the MD bank account but failed because the account kept on demanding for OTP (One Time Password)

Further investigation showed that Joy, carrying blades, codeine syrup, and a medication called refnol intended to induce sleep, had gagged the deceased’s mouth. Adanma bound the dead man’s hands and legs and threatened to chop off his manhood if he did not cooperate.

“Oreoluwa was reportedly saddled with the task to unlock his phone through his face and afterwards, she placed the pillow over his face, impressed it on him until he passed out,” according to the story.