Antony Ng’ang’a, a single father of two from Kenya, recently shared his experiences about a tumultuous marriage that eventually led to his wife leaving him with their three-month-old baby.

In a candid conversation on Citizen TV’s Shajara with Lulu show, Antony recounted how he met his wife in 2016, and they quickly tied the knot. Unfortunately, their marriage faced ongoing troubles right from the start.

He described a scenario where he would leave for work at 5 a.m. and return around midnight. One day, a concerned neighbor contacted him, revealing that a man had been in their house and left hastily upon Antony’s arrival. This incident occurred after neighbors informed him of seeing his wife with other men.

Anthony painfully recalled instances where he spotted his wife in public, hand in hand with other men. Whenever he confronted them, he claimed they would physically assault him.

“She began drinking, and I would often find her with other men on the streets. Every time I questioned her, they would respond with violence,” he recounted.

Due to the deteriorating situation, Antony stopped sharing a bed with his wife and moved into their children’s bedroom. Then one night, his wife informed him that she was ending their marriage and departed, taking the children with her.

“She took the children, but she returned them the next morning, including the three-month-old baby. I pleaded with her to stay, especially for our youngest, who I believed needed her mother, but she refused,” he shared.

Balancing work and caring for his two children became an enormous challenge, causing him to miss out on job opportunities and, at times, struggle to afford basic necessities like food and rent. Antony recalled the anguish of leaving his children unattended while searching for work, sometimes returning home empty-handed, and having no choice but to give them water due to the lack of food.