Self-criticism: Constantly putting herself down and being overly critical of her abilities and appearance.

Seeking validation: Relying heavily on others for validation and approval, and feeling worthless without it.

Difficulty making decisions: Being indecisive and feeling incapable of making choices confidently.

Avoidance of challenges; Avoiding challenges or opportunities that could lead to failure due to fear of not being good enough.

Negative body image: Having a distorted or negative perception of her physical appearance, often leading to body dissatisfaction.

Over-apologizing: Apologizing excessively, even for things that are not her fault, to avoid conflict or rejection.

Social withdrawal: Avoiding social situations or isolating herself due to fear of judgment or rejection.

Perfectionism: Setting unrealistic standards for herself and feeling like a failure if she doesn’t meet them.

Difficulty accepting compliments: Feeling uncomfortable or dismissing compliments because she doesn’t believe them to be true.

Dependence on others: Relying excessively on others for decision-making or emotional support, and feeling incapable of handling things independently.