Difficulty managing emotions: They may have frequent mood swings or struggle to regulate their feelings.

Blaming others: They often shift responsibility for their actions onto others instead of taking ownership.

Lack of empathy: They may struggle to understand or acknowledge the feelings of others.

Poor communication skills: They might have trouble expressing themselves effectively or listening to others without interrupting or dismissing their thoughts.

Need for constant validation:They may seek validation and attention from others excessively.

Avoidance of responsibility: They may avoid commitments or tasks that require accountability or effort.

Impulsivity: They may act on their emotions without considering the consequences, leading to erratic behavior.

Dependency: They may rely heavily on others for decision-making or emotional support, unable to cope independently.

Inability to handle criticism: They may react defensively or aggressively when receiving feedback, unable to accept constructive criticism.

Difficulty in maintaining relationships: They may struggle to sustain healthy relationships due to their emotional volatility and inability to communicate effectively.