The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Kenya has released photos of the prime suspect, John Matara, in connection to the brutal murder of 26-year-old socialite, Starlet Wahu Mwangi.

Wahu was murdered inside an Airbnb apartment in South B, Nairobi County last Thursday.

According to CCTV footage released by police, Wahu was seen in the company of Matara, who was wearing brown khaki pants, and a sleeved blue denim shirt paired with brown shoes. On her part, Wahu rocked a short red dress, and black heels and topped off the look with a short denim coat.

The two could be seen having a little bit of conversation with the guy mostly on his phone as they waited for the lift so that they could make their way to the Airbnb.

The DCI in a statement issued on Monday, January 8, 2024, said detectives managed to trace the suspect’s mobile phone to a local hospital in Nairobi where he was apprehended while undergoing treatment for a stab wound.

The suspect has been detained at the industrial area police station for 21 days as police continue with their investigations in an attempt to establish the perpetrator’s motive.

Detectives also arrested Matara’s 25-year-old friend, Anthony Nyongesa, who assisted him at the hospital where he was undergoing treatment.

“As probe into the gruesome murder of 26-year-old socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi heightens with the prime suspect John Matara in police custody, the DCI appeals to any victims and survivors of the suspect’s animosity, to formally report their ordeals at Regional Criminal Investigations Office in Nairobi or the nearest police station,” the statement read.

“Wahu’s body was discovered Thursday morning at a 4th floor AirBnB room Y32 of Papino Apartments located in Nairobi’s South B, after the watchman reported seeing the male suspect flee with bloodstained clothes.

“The female owner of the BnB who had let it out to Starlet and Matara for a night used a spare key to unlock the house which had been locked from the outside, only to stumble on the horrifying scene of the deceased’s body sprawled on the floor.

Makadara detectives who were alerted rushed to the scene to find the young woman’s body soaked in a pool of flood, lying midway from the bed towards the main door an indication of an attempt and struggle to call for help.

“Examination of the body revealed a stab wound on the head near the left ear, a deep cut on the right thigh and a human bite on the left arm. Broken glasses and splattered blood throughout the room evidenced a moment of life and death struggle.

“John Matara, 34 would later be traced to Mbagathi Hospital where he was seeking treatment for slight arm and leg injuries. He was arrested alongside his 25-year-old friend Anthony Nyongesa who was helping him at the hospital and escorted to Industrial Area Police Station.

“The investigations currently point to a possible serial sexual offender who thrives on blackmail to his victims, and who may be part of a criminal ring that targets women on dating sites and other social media Apps.

“As we commend those who have since taken the bold step of reporting their dreadful encounters with Matara and/or members of his suspected gang, we encourage more witnesses of such brutality and monstrous attacks to come out and record statements with our detectives.

“Meanwhile, the DCI commits to painstakingly investigate this brutal murder of such a young Kenyan, and at the same time caution members of the public to beware of such felons in the guise of lovers, who promise heaven but unleash hell on those who fall for their plot.”