During a deliverance service at the Cherubim and Seraphim Maberu Parish in Offin, in the Sagamu region of Ogun State, a 21-year-old woman was set on fire.

Owodunni had gone in search of spiritual assistance, but her issues are still unknown at this time.

Sadly, the issue has not been resolved, and she is now in a worse situation than when she first approached the Ogun pastor.

In actuality, she is quite fortunate to still be breathing because her life nearly ended during the hunt for assistance.

Everything started on August 17, 2023, when Owodunni accepted Taiwo Odebiyi’s invitation to attend his church for a special prayer.

When she got there, she was told to go get local eggs, Amazing Grace perfume, and a candle for the deliverance.

The preacher started the deliverance when she purchased the necessary supplies.

He lighted the candle and prayed for the woman while he applied the perfume on her body.

When Owodunni’s clothes caught fire, the deliverance abruptly came to a stop, leaving her with serious burns on her chest, shoulder, and legs.

According to a witness, the suspect was apprehended right away once CSP Abdulfattah Ogunsanya, the divisional police officer for Adigbe, and his men arrived at the scene of the deliverance.

The woman was left to pay for her own medical expenses, according to SP Omolola Odutola, a state police official who confirmed the incident on Wednesday.

She mentioned that the Ogun pastor had been detained and that more enquiry had started to clarify the facts of the issue.

“The lady was alleged to have been left on her own to pay for her medical expenses following the incident. For medical care, the victim has been taken to the hospital.

“The suspect has been detained by our personnel. After the preliminary investigation is complete, the matter will be turned over to the State Criminal Investigation Department.