Two suspected rapists who are said to have defiled two juveniles in the Isabo neighbourhood of Abeokuta and Abule-Osho in the Olambe section of the Ifo Local Government neighbourhood of the state are the target of a manhunt by the Ogun State Police Command.

There have been reports that a 12-year-old student at Reverend Kuti Memorial Grammar School in Abeokuta was defiled last Thursday by an unidentified male in the vicinity.

Punch reported that a police source claimed the girl and her sister were homeless after being banished from home by their parents for an unspecified crime.

The girl was thought to have been raped the night before she and her sister were ordered away by the suspect in the morning, however they were encouraged to stay at his house by the unidentified suspect while they were strolling down the street.

After learning of the incident, the victim and the school administrator went to the Ibara Police Division to report the crime.

Similar to this, a seven-year-old girl in the Olambe neighbourhood of Abule-Osho was suspected of having been defiled by an unidentified guy after she had left her home to buy a snack.

The police said that the girl had left her grandmother’s house to buy a snack at a nearby stall before he was allegedly dragged to a nearby bush by an unknown man and defiled on Thursday.

The defilement resulted in uncontrollable bleeding from the minor’s private part and that he was hurriedly rushed to the  hospital for treatment.

In a statement on Sunday, November 19, the command’s spokeswoman, Omolola Odutola, verified both occurrences and stated that efforts were still being made to capture the culprits.

“We are making every effort to start apprehending the perpetrators of the crime. Our men went to the crime scenes. In order to apprehend the offenders and prosecute them, we have also started gathering intelligence, the PPRO continued.