A Nigerian man has been handed a one-year prison sentence after being found guilty of attempting to rape a female tourist from Australia while they were both on vacation in Bali, Indonesia.

Daily Mail Australia reported on Wednesday, July 12, that Idongesit Joseph Zion, was convicted of the crime of attempted rape against the woman identified as KTR, at the Denpasar District Court on July 6.

Delivering the verdict, Presiding Judge Ida Bagus Bamadewa Patiputra, said: “The defendant, Idongesit Joseph Zion, is declared legally and convincingly guilty of the crime of attempted rape. The defendant is sentenced to one year in prison.”

After being found guilty of attempting to rape an Australian woman traveller while they were both on vacation in Bali, Indonesia, a Nigerian man was given a one-year prison sentence.

Idongesit Joseph Zion was found guilty of the crime of attempted rape against the woman known as KTR at the Denpasar District Court on July 6, according to a report from Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday, July 12.

The defendant, Idongesit Joseph Zion, is pronounced legally and convincingly guilty of the crime of attempted rape, according to presiding judge Ida Bagus Bamadewa Patiputra. The defendant receives a one-year prison term.

The court determined that Zion had satisfied the requirements of both Article 285 and Article 53, paragraph 1, which deal with attempted rape, of the Indonesian Penal Code (KUHP).

The court also stated that Zion’s acts went against moral principles, which made the situation worse. “The victim has clearly suffered hurt, and decency standards have been violated.

As a woman, the victim felt violated and suffered losses, according to prosecutor Ni Made Desi Pratiwi. However, the court also took into account mitigating circumstances, like the fact that both the victim and the offender had expressed forgiveness to one another during the initial trial.

As a result, the judge’s sentence was under appeal by the prosecution and Zion’s defense.On December 2 of last year, KTR and Zion came into contact at the Finn Club on Berawa Beach Street in Canggu.

Zion was accompanied by a friend, while KTR was accompanied by her sister. KTR had a conversation with Zion and then lost interest and left the club.

Zion sensed her intent and offered her a ride back to her hotel in an effort to win her over. Zion persevered despite KTR’s objections, going so far as to hire a motorbike taxi for her online.

KTR unintentionally boarded the motorbike after falling for Zion’s trick, which took her to Zion’s house on Teuku Umar Street. Zion made his attempt to rape her there.Fortunately, KTR was able to sound the alert just in time for the attack.