A mother-of-three has released heartbreaking images of the injuries she suffered after she was attacked by her now ex-boyfriend 

According to Jodie Beck, her ex-John Paul Wilkinson, 26, stamped on her head so hard, that her eyes looked like they were ‘popping out of her head’.
Wilkinson brandished a machete during the attack and threatened her ‘you’re going to die now, love’.’

Shockingly, he only received a 30-month sentence after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent and possession of a bladed weapon.
Now Jodie, 32, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, has come out to speak about the incident to encourage others in an abusive relationship to leave and seek help.

She said: ‘I thought John Paul was going to kill me that day.
‘I’m so lucky to have survived.’
Jodie, an area manager, started dating Wilkinson in 2016. A few months later Jodie fell pregnant and Wilkinson promised to stand by her and the baby.

The pair became official, and when their son was born in July of that year, he became a dad.
But four months on, Wilkinson started staying out late and partying.
Jodie said: ‘He’d post videos online of him dancing with girls in nightclubs.

Sometimes he wouldn’t come home for an entire weekend.’
Then, he began to insult Jodie, telling her no one would want her because of her stretch marks.
During one argument soon after, he slapped her in the face. Hoping it was a one-off, Jodie forgave him.

She said: ‘He suffered PTSD, so I put it down to that.’
Two months later, while on a night out together, Wilkinson violently attacked her during an argument.
Jodie ended things and for nine months, was free from his abuse.

Sadly, she reluctantly let Wilkinson back into her life.
‘He had a strange hold on me, and I felt trapped,’ he explained.
In October 2022, the pair went on a night out to a pub, while Jodie’s niece, 18, babysat her boys.

According to Jodie, Wilkinson was in a good mood and they spent the night dancing.
Yet back at home, Wilkinson flipped and launched himself at her, punching her at the back of her head.
As she lifted her arms up to protect her face, he rained down more punches.
Jodie remembers: ‘I fell onto the bed in agony as he continued to beat me.

I screamed for help and my niece appeared in the doorway.
‘She tried to step in front of John Paul to stop him hurting me, but he dragged her around, before getting her into a headlock and throwing her into the wardrobe.’
Wilkinson proceeded to pull Jodie onto the floor and stamp on her.

Blood gushed from her face and she felt her eyes bulging out of her head.

She said: ‘I heard him say “I’m going to jail, might as well make it a good beating”.
‘I thought, that’s it, I’m going to die.’
Moments later, Wilkinson pulled a machete from behind the bed and said ‘you’re going to die now, love’.

Jodie ran out of the room and into the street, while he gave chase with the blade.
Luckily for her, a passing car stopped and two strangers carried her into a nearby house where the police were called.

‘Next thing I remember was waking up in Bradford Royal Infirmary with two police officers guarding my door,’ she explained.
Thankfully, Jodie’s niece was uninjured, and she and the children were safe and being looked after by Jodie’s mum.

A nurse explained that Jodie had suffered a broken nose, fractured cheekbone, and severe bruising to her face and body. She remained in the hospital for two days.
Meanwhile, Wilkinson was arrested and remanded.
In March 2023, Wilkinson appeared at Bradford Crown Court and pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent and possessing a bladed article.
He received just 30 months in prison and was handed an indefinite non-molestation order.

Jodie said: ‘I want women to know his face and steer clear. He’ll make your life hell.’