An off-duty Brazilian military police officer was caught on camera fatally shooting his wife after punching her five times in the face during a fight outside their car.

The shocking video showed Brazilian soldier Thiago de Lima, 36, allegedly fire at least two shots at his wife Erika de Lima, 33, before she fell to the ground on Sunday, Dec. 3.

The couple were married for about six months before they engaged in an argument in their car over the weekend, CNN Brasil reported.

Other parts of the surveillance footage showed the woman struggling to get the man out of the vehicle before he exited on his own and launched at her, punching her multiple times.

Thiago then shot her and jumped back into the car and started driving away, but later returned and tried to get the victim back in the car as residents came out of their homes.

He ended up taking his spouse to the hospital where she was pronounced dead, Brazilian outlet G1 reported.

He is facing charges for femicide, a homicide that is tied to domestic and family violence and/disregard or discrimination against women, according to the outlet.

About a month before the shooting, Erika reportedly filed a report against her husband over a domestic violence threat, but later opted not to pursue charges against him.

Erika claimed in that incident Thiago lashed out at her because he was jealous after the two left a nightclub, and pointed a gun at her head once they got home, G1 reported. Thiago reportedly denied aiming the gun at her or threatening her.

The victim leaves behind two daughters from a past relationship.

Watch the video below….