A 22-year-old man identified as Farouk who was arrested for allegedly defiling a three-year-old girl in Ibadan, Oyo State, last Thursday March 28, says he committed the crime while trying to check if his retracted manhood is still active.

Tribune reports that the young man, living at Popo Yemoja, Ibadan, was arrested by the Amotekun Corps after they got information of his act from local security men in the area where they all live. According to the source, the toddler was beside her sleeping grandmother on a mat on a veranda while trying to get fresh air to beat the heat being experienced in their apartment when the suspect came to pick her up.

He reportedly took her to a room in which he used to sleep with his neighbour, sat her on his private part and started thrusting in the way he could until he ejaculated, despite the girl’s feeble resistance and cries. Relieved of the sexual tension he had had, Farouk dropped the innocent girl and asked her to return to her grandmother’s side.

With her body smeared with some sticky liquid, later discovered to be sperm, the girl slept until her father came to wake up his mother and children, carrying his youngest daughter to take her inside their apartment to sleep.

However, the father noticed the stickiness on his daughter’s thighs and buttocks and was thrown into shock when he smelt the substance and discovered it to be sperm.

The third born toddler who was being taken care of by her father and grandmother, was said to have lost her mother in August 2023, five days after she delivered her fourth child, a son.

The distraught father of the victim said

“We don’t have light in our area, so we used to sleep in our veranda. That day, when I returned from my shop, I fed the children while grandma carried the baby. After that, I went to take care of the chickens I’m rearing. By then, they had all slept on the veranda. Since I was not feeling sleepy, I went to friends in our neighbourhood to exchange pleasantries and have general discussions with them.

I returned home a little after 11 pm and woke everyone up to go inside. As I picked my daughter to hold her to my chest as the youngest among the girls, I noticed my hand being smeared with a wet, sticky substance. Wondering what it was, I checked her underpants and exclaimed. I ran inside and showed my mother. It was sperm. I also called a female neighbour to check it and she confirmed it as sperm.

I couldn’t hold myself. I went out with my daughter to lodge a complaint with law enforcement agents but was sent back by local security men. I went out again but was still stopped until I showed my daughter to them and they were amazed.
They got a bike for me and on the way, we met Amotekun personnel. At first, they thought I stole a child until. I explained to them what happened. After informing their superiors and being given directives, they went to my residence and picked the males there to find out the culprit among them.”

When interrogated, the suspect confessed to committing the crime.

“I live with my parents but I used to sleep in the rooms of some men living in the compound. It is true that I slept with the three-year-old girl.”

When asked why he did it, he responded

“I don’t even understand myself. My manhood has not been functioning since about 10 years ago. I don’t have a girlfriend because of my condition. The girl was crying and I left her. It is true that I ejaculated and poured it on her. I slept in the room of one of the men before we were arrested at dawn on Friday. The girl pointed at me when asked to identify the person who touched her among the six of us arrested.”