According to a lawsuit brought by Christian Obumseli’s estate, security at the Miami high-rise where Clenney and her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, resided were first alerted of a fight inside the couple’s 22nd-floor apartment and stood outside their apartment door for 12 minutes before Clenney herself called police and claimed she had fatally stabbed him.

“[B]uilding security] arrived at the Clenney unit, knocked on the door, heard yelling through the door, stood outside and did nothing despite knowledge of Ms. Clenney’s history of past disturbances in the unit and common areas, her history of erratic, volatile and aggressive behaviour… and her recently diagnosed mental health disorder,” claims an amended complaint submitted last week by attorneys for Obumseli’s estate.

Four months before to his passing on April 3, 2022, Obumseli, 28, and the lady had just moved into the One Paraiso apartment block on Northeast 7th Avenue.

According to the lawsuit, the couple was instantly recognised by Miami Dade police, security personnel, and building workers, who responded to the apartment nine times, including twice the day they moved in.

However, the model was seen on video pursuing Obumseli in a lift months before his demise.

Clenney’s co-counsel, Frank Andrew Prieto, criticised the updated complaint as Obumseli’s attorneys’ “attempts to manipulate the narrative of what really occurred.”

Courtney’s actions that afternoon were motivated by self-defense after she endured verbal and physical abuse at the hands of Obumseli, according to Prieto’s statement. Although Courtney phoned security and the police numerous times for assistance, the updated complaint “distorts many facts and omits significant details that do not fit their false narrative.”

The owner of the flat where they resided even went so far as to start the eviction procedure in March at the request of the building management, who had been inundated with complaints from other tenants.