Lady reportedly uses a knife to mistakenly kill her friend during a misunderstanding

A yet-to-be identified lady has killed her friend during an argument in an apartment in Dubai, UAE.

The two women are shown fighting and dragging a knife in a viral video. The second friend’s hand is then cut by one of the women using the knife.

The victim, who’s bleeding profusely, can be seen calling out for help as other eyewitnesses berate the suspect and threatened to invite the police. One of the eyewitnesses can be heard telling the suspect, “I told you to calm down. Let me call the police.”

According to the video, the victim was left to die in the pool of her own blood as her friends refused to carry out a first aid procedure on her or rush her to a hospital.


An Anonymous person said a Simple first aid would have saved this girl life. Arterial bleed. You need to tie a tourniquet above the cut as blood is gushing to the external breech. Ensure the tourniquet is very tight if you can use a stick lock use it. Next ensure the hand is raised. And calm the patient down the more she is walking around and active blood is pumping out, lie her down so the heart is below the cut level. Do this FIRST. If there is ambulance have someone call one, otherwise rush her to the nearly hospital. Just putting a bandage over this or putting pressure won’t stop the bleed. Ways to notice arterial bleeding, it jumps, blood will rush out stop for a few minutes rush out again, it is usually very bright very very bright as its just been oxygenated and heart is pumping to the rest of the body but all will rush to the cut. Note THIS. In an arterial if you do not intervene and blood continues rushing out for 3 MINUTES. That’s it! Remember first apply pressure and tie a tourniquet fast!! It’s sad. She literally was walking around and reducing her chances of survival. Two things that can kill you instantly- 1. when you choke and airway is compromised, you literally have about 8 mins to survive without air. 2. Arterial or venous bleeding. Arterial 3 mins, venous 12 mins. Know first aid it is everyone’s responsibility to save lives.