Happy international women’s day to all the beautiful and strong women out there.
As we celebrate the international women’s day I’d like us to reach out our hearts to families who have lost a mother, a sister, or a daughter to domestic violence.
Domestic violence is as deadly as it sounds. Do not stay in that abusive relationship hoping that one day he’ll change.
Abusive relationships often follow a cycle of tension, explosion, reconciliation, and calm, which can trap victims in a harmful pattern.
Abuse tends to escalate over time, increasing the risk of severe harm or even death.
There is an increase in domestic violence menace in marriages, sadly, some victims are always afraid to open up due to options of the society.

Domestic violence has taken the life of many women out there, the ones we know and the ones we do not know, a good example of someone we all know that domestic violence took away her life and leaving her children motherless is Mrs Osinachi (Rip).

Everyone deserves to feel safe, respected, and valued in a relationship. Abuse violates these fundamental rights.
Staying in an abusive relationship can result in legal issues, financial instability, and difficulty maintaining employment due to the impact of abuse.
I know some ladies want to leave that abusive relationship but they don’t know how to start their lives with their abusive partner.
I also know some ladies don’t want to leave because they do not think they can do it on their own well I want to give you all a few examples of ladies who took a bold llstep and left abusive relationships and are doing well on their own.

First example is Etinosa Idemudia, she left her marriage with fractured ribs and stabbed wounds but today she’s doing very well for herself, she did not let what people will say hold her down, she took the bold step and today she is doing marvelously well in her acting career.

Another strong woman is Chika Ike, she was also a victim of domestic violence, she had a miscarriage due to domestic abuse.
She also took a bold step and left that marriage against All Odds not minding what people had to say about what she did.
Today she’s doing very well for herself.

Another woman who suffered domestic violence ìs Mercy Aigbe, she was once a victim of domestic violence, she endured the abuse for a long period of time, until one day she decided that enough was enough and she left.
Today she is one of the grate actress Nigeria has.

Did you also know that one Nigerians best female musician Tiwa Savage was once a victim of domestic abuse?
Yes, she is also a Saviour of domestic abuse.
And today the sky is just her starting point.

We also have women like Monalisa Chinda who also survived domestic abuse, and she is doing wonderfully well in her acting field she is one of the great actress Nigeria has also produced.

We could go on and on about women who have survived domestic violence and women who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

It’s important to address the increasing domestic violence menace, encouraging victims to break the silence. Let’s create a supportive environment where survivors can rebuild their lives. On this International Women’s Day, let’s stand united against domestic violence and champion the resilience of survivors.