A man named Victor Sungababwa, aged 43, took the life of his estranged wife in Zambia by brutally using an axe, effectively ending their marriage of over eight years.

The victim, Atrina Munsaka, aged 33, tragically lost her life during this incident. According to police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, the fatal blow occurred as she was in the process of delivering a divorce summons to the suspect on Monday, August 28, 2023.

Following the violent act, the perpetrator attempted to end his own life through poisoning. However, he was swiftly transported to a hospital where he is currently receiving medical treatment while being closely monitored by authorities.

The incident, as explained by Hamoonga, took place on Sunday, August 27, between 5:00 and 06:45 in Mayobo’s Siakaceka village in chief Macha of Choma district.

According to authorities, Victor Sungababwa, residing in Siakacheka Village Chief Macha in Choma, allegedly used an axe to attack Atrina, who was a housewife from Siamalele Village in Chief Siachitema in Kalomo District. This information was disclosed in a phone conversation with Esen Kanimba, a member of the community crime prevention unit (CCPU).

“The deceased was Victor’s second wife, and despite their 2013 wedding, they had been embroiled in conflicts since 2015,” Mr. Hamoonga stated.

According to reports, the deceased had initiated divorce proceedings through the Bbilili municipal court, with a hearing scheduled for September 9, 2023.

It was reported that on August 26, 2023, the deceased attempted to serve the accused with a summons, which he rejected. Subsequently, on August 27, 2023, at approximately 5:00 a.m., the accused contacted the reporter to witness the serving of the summons, according to a statement from a police spokesperson.

In a horrifying turn of events, the accused entered the residence while the deceased was in the process of serving the summons and then retrieved an axe he had concealed on his person. Upon reaching the victim, he revealed the axe and mercilessly struck her in the head, inflicting a deep and fatal wound instantaneously.