Women inequality in Nigeria is influenced by the culture, traditions and beliefs of the society as these women are seen as subordinates to their male counterparts.

In Northern part of Nigeria, women are seen as weak link and are not given the opportunity just because of  their culture, they believe that the women have nothing to offer in the society.

Some sectors in the country also do not recognize the effort of the women jut like they do to the men, including the Nigeria music industry, politics, and education sector.

It is generally believed that women are best suited as home keepers.

There is a saying that what a man can do a woman can do better, this statement have been there for years but truth be told we still live in a country where women’s responsibilities are being limited to some particular place or position while the men take the major roles in the society.

Right from time we know we reside in the society where men take the major or key work leaving the other gender to little or nothing forgetting that they can do better when they are given the chance.

Gender inequalities really are seen in different workplace where men are much recognized than women and big positions in companies are filled by men. Men are much paid than women in a lot of organization due to the fact that women’s work is less or really not recognized.

Where can this gender inequalities be seen?

Political sectors: Well things are getting better unlike before where the role of a woman in the political party is just to cheer and support the men for the success of their political ambition. Despite the fact that we have lots of women in the political parties they are not well recognized in the society. We hardly see political parties give the women chance to contest to be the Governor of a state not to talk more of contesting for Presidency. It is believed in the African society that the women are weak and will not be able to preside on political matters well just like the man.

Religious sectors: Women are been sidelined in some of the religions in Nigeria, they do not get the opportunity to do what the men are doing in the religious sector. Some religious gathering do not let women lead some certain programs, They see it as the job of the man and that women are not suppose to be seen doing them. It’s hard to see women become a leader in the religious sector as well as they are seen as a being that should take instructions from men only.

Entertainment sectors: This sector becomes worst and worse every now and then because most of the so called leaders in the industry which are men trample upon the women. The music industry has women in it but how many of these women are recognized in the society? How many of this women are give the  chance to showcase themselves just like the men? How many female comedians are given the chance to show their talent to the world. Let’s talk about the sports sector as well, the recognition gotten by women involved in sport is not enough in our society despite the fact that the little ones give the chance to do it perform very well.

Educational sectors: Some of the culture and traditions of some tribes in Nigeria still restrict the women from going to schools. Education is for everyone and not just a particular gender in the society. This has cost some many female the chance of receiving academic knowledge. Some of this tribes believe that the women are men meant to got to their husband house and give birth alone. We need to understand that the female child also needs quality education just like the male child.

Looking at what I has been listed here we do know and feel that women are being cheated as they suffer from  gender inequality in our society. My advice to woman of our society is that they should stand up and speak for them selves, let them ask questions and get answers to how they are been treated that way.