CCTV footage shows the moments after a father murdered his own son.
22-year-old Eric Contreras died after being fatally shot in November 2023, and his father is the person accused of his murder.

David Contreras is facing charges of second-degree murder and was arrested on the day of his son’s death.

The 52-year-old was in court on Thursday, February 22, as he seeks to be released on bond ahead of his trial.

During the proceedings, the 911 call he made following his son’s death was revealed. He broke down in tears hearing it back.

“What did I do?” Contreras was heard saying in the call.
“I was fighting with my son… I lost it, he wouldn’t stop.”

NBC 6 South Florida obtained footage of the moments following Eric’s death.

Taken on a doorbell camera, Contreras’ wife is heard asking if Eric is alive and breathing, to which the dad replies: “He’s not breathing, he’s dead.”

“Why, David? Why?” his wife goes on to ask.

Contreras continued to explain that the arguing between him and his son became “unbearable.”
He went on to break down in tears as he asks his wife to find his brother for him.
Police bodycam footage of Contreras’ arrest has also been shared, where the crying father admits to shooting his son.

According to friends of the family, they were all on a trip to Disney World, Orlando, but, as a result of Eric’s behavior, he and his dad drove back home to Kendall. Their argument then escalated and turned fatal. Contreras is said to have shot his son multiple times for “unknown reasons” before calling the police.

Eric was pronounced dead at the scene.
It’s believed that this wasn’t the first time Contreras threatened to shoot Eric. According to police, in May 2023 he shot at the ceiling and in the days running up to Eric’s death, Contreras had pointed a gun at him.

According to one of Contreras’ attorneys, his son struggled with his mental health.
This is just a very tragic situation. He is distraught,” he said of his client.
“The victim is the son of the defendant, and the victim has suffered from some severe emotional and mental conditions, and we’re still trying to determine what happened, why it happened.”

The 52-year-old entered a not guilty plea back in November, and he’s since been held without bond.
Prosecutors want Contreras to stay in jail, but his attorneys hope he can go home to await trail. But a judge ruled that he would continue to be held without bond until his next court appearance – which is set for March 11, according to court records.

Watch a video of the moment following the shooting below.