Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a harmful and violent act that hurts and disrespects the bodies and dignity of women and girls. It’s a painful and traumatic experience that can cause long-lasting physical and emotional scars. Imagine a young girl, full of life and potential, being subjected to a brutal practice that:

* Hurts her body and takes away her autonomy
* Silences her voice and erases her identity
* Robs her of her right to feel pleasure and joy
* Puts her at risk of serious health complications
* Tells her that her body is not her own, but a vessel for others to control

FGM is a violation of human rights, a form of gender-based violence, and a cruel tradition that perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes. It’s important to:

* Listen to survivors’ stories and amplify their voices
* Support organizations working to end FGM
* Educate ourselves and others about the harm caused by FGM
* Advocate for policies and laws that protect women and girls from this violence
* Create a world where every woman and girl can live with dignity, respect, and freedom from harm.