In the US, eight students are accused of murder in connection with the death of a seventeen-year-old kid over stolen headphones.

On November 1, a group of ten people attacked Jonathan Lewis, a 17-year-old. November 7th was his hospital death date.

Lt. Jason Johansson of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stated on Tuesday, November 14, that all ten individuals involved were reportedly Rancho High School students.

Johansson called the thrashing captured in a widely shared video ’empty of humanity’.

Lewis’s dad declared that he “cannot watch” the video.

According to Johansson, following the beating, which took place in an alleyway next to the school, a bystander discovered Lewis unconscious and brought him back to the building.

Following Lewis’s transfer to UMC, medical professionals there concluded that he had sustained “non-survivable head trauma,” according to Fox 5 Vegas.

According to Johansson, the fight was allegedly over a vape pen and a pair of wireless headphones that the victim’s pals had stolen. According to authorities, all people involved planned to meet in the alley to fight.

“Ten subjects swarm him immediately as soon as a punch is thrown,” he stated.


He added that the department was able to identify approximately ten subjects that were involved in the murder and eight of those have been ‘positively identified’ as suspects.

Johansson said the process is underway for the eight to be charged as adults.

LVMPD will be releasing photos of two individuals who they want to find, who participated in the beating but have not yet been identified. Johansson appealed for anyone else with video of the fight to come forward.

‘He advised parents not to “put your head in the sand” and to have a conversation with their kids about what happened, saying that there’s a good chance that there is more video out there than what we have.

Jonathan Lewis Sr., the father of Lewis, who resides in Austin, Texas, claimed that his son was singled out in the altercation when he rushed to assist a fellow student who was being picked on by the bullies.