Former bodyguard Gene Deal said that Sean “Diddy” Combs had physically mistreated several of his previous lovers, including the late Kim Porter.

Kim Porter, who was Diddy’s biological mother of three children and the adoptive mother of an elder child, passed away in 2018 from complications stemming from pneumonia.

But since Cassie dropped her lawsuit against Diddy for rape, sex trafficking, and physical abuse, discussions about Diddy and Kim Porter’s connection have come up.

A number of unanswered questions have also been raised regarding the rapper’s personal life, including claims that Kim Porter passed away just as she was preparing to publish a memoir detailing her experiences.

In a video, Diddy’s former bodyguard Gene laughed at the appearance of grief Diddy puts up about Kim’s death.

He said Diddy broke Kim Porter’s nose one time.

“You used to be a woman-beater,” he said in a YouTube video. “Talk about how you used to beat Misa’s [Hylton] ass,ntalk about how you tried to beat … Kim’s ass”

Gene was asked about a song Diddy released titled “Kim Porter” and Gene replied: “I think that’s a great thing to do for the woman you claim to love.”

Then laughing, Gene added, “To honour the woman who gave you a scar on your wrist for the rest of your life, that you could always look at and remember.”

He added that if Diddy ever tries to forget Kim, “all he has to do is look at his wrist.”

Recounting the incident, Gene said: “One night, when they were at home in Kim’s house, he wanted to put his hands on her in the wrong way and Kim took one of those corkscrews and ripped his wrist up. It hit an artery. And when she did that, he had to rush over to St. Luke’s hospital.”

Gene added that their relationship was violent and Kim could not be with anybody else but Diddy “could do whatever he want to”.

Gene added that their relationship was violent and Kim could not be with anybody else but Diddy “could do whatever he want to”.

He claimed that Diddy continued to have control over Kim’s life and “made it very uncomfortable” if Kim attempted to go on with another person, even while Diddy was dating J. Lo.

The interviewer then informed Gene that Diddy seemed to be apologising today for abusing Kim, but the former bodyguard claimed the rapper was only doing it for the general public.

As Gene put it, “All that shit looks good for the media.”

Additionally, Gene revealed that Diddy allegedly “used the bodyguards” when mistreating Kim.

The interview with Gene happened before Cassie filed a lawsuit against Diddy. Also, other women who have worked with Diddy’s record label have also thrown their weight behind Cassie while revealing that Diddy recently tried to get them to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to silence them. Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard both spoke up to support Cassie.

In her lawsuit, Cassie Ventura said that she first met Combs in 2005 when she was 19 and he was 37; she was signed to his label, Bad Boy Records.

Within a year, people on Combs’ team began telling Ventura that he was interested in her, though the lawsuit states she was “disgusted” at the thought of them dating due to their age difference. He began positioning himself as a father figure to her, and when she turned 21, the lawsuit alleges that he forced himself on her for the first time:

“At an afterparty in a hotel suite following Ms. Ventura’s 21st birthday party, Mr. Combs pulled Ms. Ventura into a bathroom and forcibly kissed her. Ms. Ventura did not consent to this unwanted contact. She immediately ran out of the bathroom and the hotel suite and cried. She told her best friend at the time about what had happened but was too scared to tell anyone else,” the lawsuit alleges.

Combs was in a relationship with model and actress Kim Porter at the time. The next day at the Video Music Awards, Ventura alleges that Combs berated her for bringing her boyfriend. That same month, he gave Ventura a pill and instructed her to take it. He then paid a promoter to make a fake flyer about a party in Miami allegedly so Ventura would be separated from her boyfriend and travel to Florida with Combs. The lawsuit states she was scared and didn’t want to go, but she felt she had no choice:

According to the lawsuit, “During this trip to Miami, Mr. Combs provided Ms. Ventura with copious amounts of drugs – she became more intoxicated than she ever had before, and her intoxication lasted throughout the weekend trip. As she wanted Mr. Combs to continue to support her career, she felt she could not refuse Mr. Combs’ urging her to take more drugs. After providing her with drugs, Mr. Combs had sexual intercourse with Ms. Ventura during this trip.”

Ventura and Combs entered a relationship, and he paid for her car and apartments in New York and California – both of which were within walking – distance of Combs’ homes. “All aspects of Ms. Ventura’s life were controlled by either Mr. Combs or his management companies,” the lawsuit states.

Throughout the relationship, Combs was physically violent to the point that Ventura required medical attention. When Ventura was 22, Combs began trafficking her in incidents he called “freak-outs,” or FOs:
“Mr. Combs always supplied Ms. Ventura (and the sex worker) with copious amounts of drugs before and during the FOS. Ms. Ventura was given ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, ketamine, marijuana, and alcohol in excessive amounts during FOS, which allowed her to disassociate during these horrific encounters. It became common place to get IV fluids in the days after an FO to recover from the excessive substances pushed upon her,” court documents show.

In instances where she refused to participate, the lawsuit states Combs’ security team would force her to go. On multiple occasions, Ventura tried to escape, but Diddy’s employees brought her back.

In September of 2018, Ventura was determined to end her relationship with Combs but alleges he raped her:

The lawsuit alleges: “Mr. Combs forced himself into her apartment and tried to kiss Ms. Ventura. She told him to stop and attempted to push him away. Mr. Combs then forcibly pulled off Ms. Ventura’s clothing and unbuckled his belt. He proceeded to rape Ms. Ventura while she repeatedly said “no” and tried to push him away. Soon thereafter, Ms. Ventura took steps to completely separate herself from her long- time abuser, including by leaving the home that he paid for and returning the car he purchased for her. Despite moving away, Ms. Ventura’s address was posted online in early 2019, leading to fears for her safety.”

Ventura underwent intensive trauma therapy, entered rehab for drug addiction, and received other medical care to deal with the injuries she suffered. The lawsuit states that she will “forever live with the physical and psychological repercussions of the over a decade of violence, fear, and exploitation she endured.” She eventually got married and had children, whom she “credits… with saving her from the trauma that had consumed over a decade of her life.”

Cassie Ventura is not the only woman to come forward. Aubrey O’Day, a singer who was part of a girl group formed by Combs, made allegations that Combs tried to prey on her. She said she was fired from the group, Danity Kane, because she “wasn’t willing to do what was expected of [her] – not talent- wise, but in other areas.”

Combs’ ex-girlfriend, Virginia V, made similar claims against him – including that he would openly abuse her. In an interview with YouTuber Tasha K, Virginia V. shared that Combs forced her into abortions.

“The first time was October 2014,” she said. “Well, I told him [I was pregnant], and he was like ‘You’re gonna get an abortion, right?’ Then, I was like I don’t know, I don’t know yet. Then, he offered me $50,000 to get rid of it, but I turned it down, because I just loved him. I wanted to… I was like, trying to prove that I wasn’t the girl that wanted him for money. I just cared about him. I just wanted him to be nice to me, that’s it.”

In August of 2022, Virginia said she got pregnant again, insinuating that there was an element of coercion to the conception.

“I have this period app, and it tells me when I’m ovulating and stuff, and so I told him. I told him that I’m ovulating,” she said. “So don’t do it. But he just did it anyway, and then got pregnant. And he, like okay, just get an abortion. Like, no hesitation. But this time was harder for me because I had been with him for so long and was like, really in love with him.”

Through tears, she explained, “Part of me wanted to keep it. But he didn’t want it. … I only agreed to [the abortion] because he told me to.

When the abortion was completed, Combs left to go to Burning Man, a festival in the Nevada desert.

“I had to go through that, and then he went to Burning Man,” she said, crying. “He just left me, like, fucked up. He just – he didn’t have service at Burning Man, because it’s a desert, so I couldn’t get a hold of him, or his texts weren’t coming through, but like, I was just at home, by myself, just fucked up in my head, and he didn’t even care.”