Child marriage is one subject people don’t want, or don’t like to talk about, but it is destroying the lives of our children, but yet we choose to look the other way..

I know some of us have little or no understanding what Child marriage is all about, so I would like to give us a little insight on the subject.. CHILD MARRIAGE is any formal or informal union before the age of 18. It is a

violation of children’s human rights and a form of gender-based violence that

robs the child of education.

Girls married early are more likely to go through different forms of abuse, especially sexual abuse, due to unequal power relations.

Taking a child for early marriage when she’s still young many lead to lack of care, unwanted pregnancies and she might be over burdened with domestic work.

Many countries have laws setting a minimum age for marriage. However,

enforcement may be weak, and child marriage persist due to cultural practices and lack of awareness. Factors that are contributing to child marriage, includes poverty, gender inequality, cultural and traditional norms, limited economic opportunities, lack

of education, and some times practices like dowry and bride price.


Child marriage has serve consequences of the physical, mental, and social well-being of the individuals involved. Girls who marry at a very young age often face increased health risks, such as complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

They are also more likely to experience domestic violence, limited educational opportunities, and economic dependence. Child marriage is prevalent in many countries, especially in regions like

sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia,the Middle East, and parts of Latin America. However it can also happen in other parts of the world

It is important that we continue to raise awareness about child marriage, Advocating for policy changes, supporting local initiatives, and addressing the underlying factors that contribute to this harmful practice. By doing so, we can work towards ensuring a brighter future for all children.