In Ogun, a businessman slams his wife’s head against a wall when they are arguing about upkeep money.

A 41-year-old businessman named Wole has been detained by the Ogun State Police Command for reportedly killing his wife Rafiat Okewole by smashing her head against the wall after a dispute about upkeep money.

On Odelusi Street, in the Ijoko neighbourhood of Ota, Ogun State, the suspect and his 30-year-old wife were reportedly living apart, according to Punch.

It was learned that the woman died as a result of a fight that broke out after she went to see her husband on Sunday, August 6, 2023, in the Gas Line neighbourhood of Ijoko to get money for her children’s maintenance.

The deceased was rumoured to have been engaged in an ongoing argument with her spouse about his purported neglect of their children.

After the incident, Okewole’s neighbours tried to save her life, but they were unsuccessful because the hospital where she was sent for treatment confirmed that she had passed away.

Further information revealed that her 41-year-old husband was detained when one of the deceased’s siblings reported the incident to a police station.

Akinola Shittu, one of the deceased’s brothers, spoke with the

publication, expressed his shock at learning of his sister’s passing.

“My elder brother called me on Sunday evening to inform me that Rafiat died. I asked what happened and he told me that it was reported to him that Wole smashed her head against the wall of his house when she went to ask for money for the upkeep of their kids,” he explained.

This happened at Wole’s Gas Line, ljoko residence on Sunday around 3pm. Immediately, I rushed to the house and I saw that neighbours had already gathered and my sister was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead. I am devastated. I later learnt that one of my brothers who lives nearby reported the case at Sango Police Station which led to Wole’s arrest.”

On Sunday night, my older brother called to let me know that Rafiat had passed away. When I questioned what had happened, he said that Wole had reportedly banged her head on his house wall while trying to get money for the upkeep of their children.

This occurred on Sunday at 3pm at Wole’s Gas Line, ljoko home. I hurried over to the house right away, when I saw that the neighbours had gathered and that my sister had been brought to a neighbouring hospital where she had been pronounced dead. I’m in shock. Later, I discovered that Wole was arrested after one of my brothers who lives close reported the incident to the Sango Police Station.

Basirat Liasu, the sister of the deceased, claimed that Okewole’s daughter, who had travelled with her to Wole’s home, was present when the incident occurred.