Angrily reacting family members thrashed a woman pilot and her husband after they attacked their 10-year-old housekeeper.

An irate man gave a pilot and her husband the beating of their life.

relatives for allegedly assaulting an Indian maid who was 10 years old.

Kaushik, 36, and Poornima Bagchi, 33, are accused of hiring the

child working as a housekeeper in their Dwarka, Delhi, residence. Furious family members reportedly invaded the couple’s home after just two months, alleging that the youngster had been left wounded and abused.

The pilot was dressed in her uniform and getting ready to head to work when footage from the scene showed the angry mob confronting her. The enraged mob overpowered the husband as he attempted to stop them, took the woman outside of her house, and began beating her. Her husband was also beaten by the villagers.

According to Harsha M. Vardhan, the deputy commissioner of police in Dwarka, “We received a call about a child being mistreated by her employers” at around 9 a.m.

‘It was discovered that a 10-year-old girl had worked for two months as a domestic helper at a property. She was being beaten and bothered by the couple. The minor’s relative became aware of this on Wednesday.

‘The suspect is being held in custody. The process of making an arrest is underway. The young person and the counsellor have recorded their conversation. We are investigating each and every accusation.

He stated that the audience that was filmed would also face punishment.

a couple, beating them.

Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission For Women, has denounced the’merciless’ couple and requested the Delhi Police to investigate the alleged assault.

In a statement, she claimed: “A female pilot and her husband kept a 10-year-old kid as a domestic helper in Delhi and cruelly tormented her. Delhi Police has been contacted for comment regarding this. The harshest measures should be imposed against such ruthless individuals!

Police reported that Kaushik worked as airline ground support and Poornima was a pilot. A relative who was also employed as a housekeeper at a nearby residence referred them to the girl.