An elderly man named Gabriel Ahuwa, 84, has been detained by the Edo State Police Command on suspicion of murdering his 75-year-old wife by slashing her to death with a machete.

Ahuwa was one of the 198 suspects for armed robbery who were paraded by the Command’s spokesperson, SP Chidi Nwabuzor, on Wednesday, August 16, 2023. Murder, cultism, illegal gun possession, kidnapping, and more offences.

The PPRO claims that the suspect’s wife has been at odds with him because she won’t have sex with him.

He claimed that the suspect feels no guilt and that what he did was the best way to solve his situation.

Gabriel said in a press interview that his wife had been sleeping with other men while she had been defying him for a long time.

“My wife wasn’t listening to me; whenever I invite her to join me for a night’s sleep, she constantly says no. Five of our seven children are boys and two are girls, he stated.

He claimed to have told his children about the situation, and one of her daughters had been to speak with his wife but she had been unresponsive.

“I brought the issue up with my family and her family as well, but she didn’t listen to them and carried on with her old habits, and I was hearing rumours that pastors were having affairs with her.

“Every time I requested sex, she would either claim to be ill or to have an ulcer, but I was hearing reports that she was having extramarital affairs, and I don’t have money to carry prost!tutes,”

In response to his complaint, he claimed that his children had stopped sending him money and had stopped returning his calls, stating that his late wife had tainted their perception of him.

“So I picked up a cutlass on Saturday of last week in the afternoon and macheted her all over her body inside the house. She was not following my commands, so I did it out of rage and I want everybody to know.

But he said that he was sorry for killing his wife.

However, one of his sons, who yearned for obscurity, refuted the claim that they deserted their father by claiming that they sent him money.