On the way to the “White Tie and Tiara Ball” at Sir Elton John’s house, Kevin Spacey allegedly attacked his first claimed victim in a car, the court was informed today. The man described the 63-year-old American actor in his police interview as a “slippery, snaky, difficult person” during the hearing today at Southward Crown Court. Additionally, the individual stated that Spacey made sexual approaches toward him “like he thought he could groom me” and that the actor promised to introduce him to A-list celebrities.

He claimed to be “very emotional and personal.” Spacey would assault the victim in other ways around five or six more times while placing his hand on his genitalia. The Oscar-winning actor is on trial for sex offenses against four men between 2001 and 2013, and the prosecution has referred to him as a “sexual bully.” A complaint was made today that one of the alleged attacks took place in a car on the way to Sir Elton’s $1 million “White Tie and Tiara Ball” in Windsor, according to the complainant. He attended many opulent parties at the time, was well-known, had just finished filming American Beauty, and was an Oscar winner, the man claimed.
Elton John would throw a lavish party in Windsor that cost $1 million. The White Tie and Tiara Ball was a summertime gathering.He was on edge and had consumed alcohol because he was concerned about the press capturing images of him. He was pretty enraged when we descended there.

Basically, he whacked me square in the nuts. He was giggling while I gasped for air and told him was hurting me. While giggling and laughing, he remained silent. Oh stop it, stop it, he commanded. He gripped me with such force that I nearly ran off the road. He had clearly been using narcotics and alcohol together, and I warned him not to do it again because it had harmed. He then chuckled, saying, “Oh that’s a turn on to me, oh you’re such a man.” I found what he had done to be repulsive. He would also try to grab me and make me feel really uncomfortable, the man added.

He would also try to grab me and make me feel really uncomfortable, the man added. The man claimed that Spacey offered to set him up with A-list celebrities and that when he attempted to defend himself from one of the alleged attacks, the actor responded, “That’s such a turn on to me.” You’re a wonderful man.

He grabbed me in my intimate areas and then attempted to get my hands on him, the man claimed in a statement he made against the defendant.

The man claimed he made an effort to “blank out” what occurred. He “grabbed me so hard I almost came off the road,” the man stated, describing an incident that he said occurred to him. He grasped me firmly, which hurt a lot. I shoved him up against the door and threatened to throw him out if he did it again. The man continued to discuss the incident and said to the policeman, “I was disgusted that he had done that.” The actor was described by the claimed victim as being “very touchy feely” in court.

He told the police officer: ‘Obviously being a man’s man and a professional I found it quite eerie and just awkward. He made me feel so awkward and uneasy.’

The man said the actor became ‘very friendly’ and started to grab him on several occasions, and the alleged victim told him to stop.

He added: ‘He sort of left me and didn’t say anything. He would just laugh it off and change the subject.’

The man could be seen describing Spacey as a ‘slippery, snaky, difficult person’ and a ‘very mixed-up individual’.

He continued: ‘He grabbed me. He grabbed me a good few times. He would squeeze my bum and would rub my legs.’

‘Obviously being a men’s man and a professional, I found it pretty strange and just awkward,’ he told the policeman. I was very uncomfortable and weird around him. The man said that the actor approached him in a very pleasant’ manner and began to grab him multiple times before being told to stop by the alleged victim. ‘He sort of left me,’ he said, “and didn’t say anything. He would simply laugh it off and go on. The man was heard calling Spacey a “very mixed-up individual” and a “slippery, snaky, difficult person.” He went on to say, “He grabbed me. He gripped me quite a bit. He would stroke my legs and grip my bum.

The man was heard calling Spacey a “very mixed-up individual” and a “slippery, snaky, difficult person.” He went on to say, “He grabbed me. He gripped me quite a bit. He would stroke my legs and grip my bum. ‘It’s like he felt he could groom me,’ the man continued. The court was told Within two to three weeks of meeting the individual, Spacey started to attack him. In his police interview, the witness claimed: “(Within) two to three weeks, he started to make me feel uneasy.

He began to try to influence my perception of my sexuality within the first two to three weeks. The victim alleged that Spacey assaulted him more than ten times. Jurors were told that he claimed the actor would occasionally grasp his bottom and wander around naked in his London hotel room in front of his alleged victim. The individual also said that he is unable to view any of his movies. In a police interview, he admitted: “I can’t stand watching the man.” It gives me the flu. He was a fairly angry man. He was clearly enraged on the inside. The actor was afterwards characterized by him as “a very confused, mixed up individual.”

He claimed he was a “aggressive predator” who was “pretending to be nice.” “He was obviously very messed up with his sexuality,” he continued. To three counts of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault, and one count of compelling a person to engage in sexual activity without their consent, Spacey entered a not guilty plea in January. The two-time Oscar winner has previously refuted four other accusations of sexual assault and one count of inciting another person to participate in impermissible penetrative sexual behavior.

Trial continues