An incident involving a Nairobi woman accusing her house girl of having an affair with her husband and reportedly trying to attack her with a knife occurred in court.

Leyla Abdikadir is accused of trying to hit in violation of Penal Code section 231(b) with the purpose to cause great harm.

She is charged with trying to stab Zuhura Isale on November 11, 2023, at her home in Nairobi’s South B community.

She allegedly forced Ms. Isale to jump over the first-floor windows of the residence in order to escape, landing on a balcony.

After being hurt during the incident, the complainant is currently receiving treatment.

After setting ground rules in her home and cautioning the house girl not to offer food to the man of the house, Ms. Abdi discovered Ms. Isale serving breakfast to her husband. This led to trouble.

Before the complainant left, the suspect is reported to have gotten a knife and tried to stab her.

Ms. Abdi hurried Ms. Isale to a neighbouring hospital upon discovering that she had suffered severe injuries, and due to her significant injuries, Ms. Isale was then referred to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

The matter was later reported at the South B police station and the suspect was traced and arrested.

Ms Abdi denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Gerald Mutiso of the Makadara Law Courts and pleaded for lenient bail terms through lawyer Mbungua Munyiri.

She told the court that the complainant is still undergoing treatment and she needs to be available to take care of her.

But Mutiso raised concerns that the statement that the averments amounted to owning up to the offence.

The accused person was released on a bond of Sh200,000 and an alternative cash bail of Sh100,000.

The case will be mentioned on February 19, 2024 before the hearing starts on March 29, 2024.