In response to a DNA test revealing that he is not the real father of their daughter, an Israeli man kills his Ugandan wife and conceals her body in a septic tank.

An Israeli national who admitted to killing his wife to police after a DNA test purportedly revealed he is not the father of their 6-month-old daughter revealed her alleged adultery has been detained in Uganda.

On Sunday, July 16, 2023, police in Mpigi District detained Raed Wated, 58, on suspicion of killing his 26-year-old wife Monica Nabukenya.

He then took the detectives to a septic pit where his wife’s corpse was decaying.

was located after her family reported her missing to the police.

Metal bars that had been placed over the pit’s entrance had to be broken by police.

According to police and local officials in the Kalagala Village where Wated lived, the couple’s argument stemmed from his concerns that Nabukenya had been unfaithful, according to Ugandan media.

He decided to take their daughter for a Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) test as a result.


According to a police statement, “Wated decided to take the child for a DNA test and it so happened that the results turned negative.”

Wated was not the child’s biological father, according to the DNA test. The

Moreover, the couple has a 5-year-old child.

“Wated made the decision to take the kid for

After a few arguments when he got home, he made the decision to kill his wife, dispose of the body in their compound’s septic tank, and partially cover the body with soil.

Detectives at Kayabwe Police Station asked the suspect to take them to his house while questioning him. They arrived and were immediately overcome by the smell of a dead body. They looked, and they discovered it in a septic tank. He confessed to killing his wife after being questioned because the DNA test results were negative, according to the police statement.

The suspect “reconstructed the murder for investigators,” according to Dauda Hirigi Were, the commander of the Katonga Regional Police, who confirmed the occurrence on Wednesday, July 19.

“He admitted to killing the wife since it was considered abomination in their culture for her to have a child with another guy, he added.