Ayuba Danbaki, a drunk man, was detained by the police in the state of Adamawa for reportedly killing his 2-year-old daughter and burying the body in a shallow grave.

Police reports claim that when her mother left Tamar Ayuba off at a nearby establishment where Danbaki was drinking alcohol, he allegedly murdered his daughter. Danbaki is from the Rigi community in the Ga’anda District of the Gombi LGA. Shiyona Ali, the mother of the dead, is alleged to have dropped her late daughter with her father at a neighbourhood pub at around 8:00 p.m. after growing weary of having to pay for her upkeep.

Danbaki dragged the infant into the jungle, put a rope around her neck, and then buried her in a shallow grave after becoming furious with his ex-wife’s behaviour.

Ayuba responded that most people in his neighbourhood are unaware of the repercussions of such crime when asked if he was aware of the ramifications of his deed.

The suspect confessed these things when questioned:

I killed my daughter because I got upset that her mother would leave her with me at a local pub,” said the mother. I bound her neck with a rope, dug a grave, and buried her. I am happily married and have six children total, including the deceased. I got upset at her mother’s behaviour. A mistake was made. I consume the “burukutu” brand of local beer. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell folks that beer is bad and they should avoid drinking it. Someone becomes useless as a result. In fact, a drunk person may vomit, urinate, or collapse to the ground. You end up doing something and then regretting it. AYUBA QUOTED

The command’s spokesperson, SP Nguroje, confirmed the occurrence and stated that the CP Babatola Afolabi, Commissioner of Police, had directed that the case be moved to the command’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and that the suspect be charged appropriately.