The 39-year-old married Kenyan man is accused of defiling his neighbor’s 12-year-old daughter, in violation of section 8 (1) of the 2006 Sexual Offences Act (SOA).

Carpenter Erastus Maingi Kavita of Soweto, Nairobi, is charged with defiling the minor on several occasions between October 24, 2022, and 2022.

An alternative complaint against him is that he violated section 11 (1) of SOA by engaging in an indecent act with a minor. where he is said to have inappropriately touched the kid on purpose.

When Kavita’s minor revealed that he had been defiling her before giving her Sh20 or Sh10, the people almost lynched her.

After the minor’s mother saw changes in her daughter and questioned her, she failed to use the pads she had purchased for her, raising suspicions that something was wrong.

The minor disclosed that, following the minor’s mother’s workday, Kavita has allegedly been enticing her into his home.

He resides with his spouse and is suspected of bringing the minor to his wife whenever she is out of the house.

Prior to her alleged defile, the suspect is believed to have been showing the kid pornographic movies.

When the minor’s mother and friend discovered him in his home with his wife, they alerted the neighbours, who then harassed Kavita.

Before being captured and taken into custody at the Soweto police station, he was subjected to torture.

Following inquiries, the young girl informed the authorities that Kavita occasionally picked her up from her mother’s house after her mother left for work, taking her to his home, where he violated her.

She had not informed anyone until her mother began suspecting her.

Kavita denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Erick Mutunga of the Makadara Law Courts and pleaded for lenient bail and bond terms through lawyer Robi Keboye.

Keboye told the court that her client was injured and needed treatment, adding he is a casual labourer living within the jurisdiction of the court and was committed to attending trial.

Kavita was released on a bond of Sh300, 000 and an alternative cash bail of Sh200,000.

The case will be mentioned on December 13, 2023.