A woman who doesn’t love drama, one who is inviting and peaceful. Men gravitate to where there is peace and calmness for peace of mind.


A woman who knows who she is; she acts, talks, and dresses like the Queen that she is. She is not hiding behind him. She is powerful all by herself. Confidence is attractive and sexy.


A woman who knows how to talk, she is friendly, funny, and speaks with the right tone. She is not rude, insulting, or irrational. She is easy to talk to. Can speak in writing too. It makes him miss her when apart.


A woman with her stand. She has her set of beliefs and is not easily swayed by friends, trends, social media, moods, or the chase for attention. A woman who understands what she is to a man of value.


A woman who grows people and grows things. She adds value and makes things better. She manages well, handles well, and hatches to multiply after incubation.


A woman who loves herself. She has a healthy self-esteem. She is not insecure, suspecting every woman who interacts with her man. She is not intimidated by other women, she knows her worth.


A woman who has her own personal dreams and goals, objectives, aims, and vision. She is hardworking. She has something she loves to do that fires her up. She is busy being her.


A woman who is not passive, waiting for the man to do everything as she complains when he doesn’t. She is a life partner, playing her role. Helping in making decisions, seeking opportunities, and participating. A man loves a woman to walk hand in hand.


A woman who knows she will not get everything she desires immediately. She doesn’t put pressure on him. Doesn’t gaslight her man. She celebrates growth no matter how small.


A woman who can challenge him and inspire him. He listens to her talk and goes “Wow!”. A woman who is not a mate